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Founded in 2015, Allographix is a Corvallis-based venture development firm.  We invest in technology companies inside the Willamette Valley that are at the forefront of a transformative opportunities.  The Allogrpahix team provides industry leadership, a network of powerful relationships, and a unique professional investment approach to local ventures.   We passionately support our portfolio companies with active guidance and participation in all key aspects of team building, strategy, operations, governance and execution.



We look for emerging technologies and provide the entrepreneurship and discipline to develop investable, medium sized companies capable of creating permanent, high quality jobs in the Willamette Valley.


We invest in emerging technologies that are at an inflection point of market opportunity.  Our geographic focus is companies based in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Our primary focus is technology transfers from Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. 


Allographix has built and continues to grow a network, which includes enduring relationships with technology industry executives and entrepreneurs.  We work actively with members of this network to provide key value-add to our portfolio companies such as customer introductions, team and board recruitment/enhancement, technology, business development, sales and marketing partnerships, investment and acquisition. 


Successful venture-backed companies are built upon trusted relationships among venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.  We strive to be the go-to advisor for our portfolio company management teams, and the most active board member, in and out of board meetings. 


Allographix's approach is more than simple investing. It involves setting goals and understanding the client's product/market fit, then planning, staffing, executing towards those goals, brining our lean execution experience to bear on the result, hands on. Once the business is on the right trajectory, we staff the business appropriately. We go with our clients, helping them, through hands-on guidance, achieve the greatest possible valuation.


Allographix focusses on success through our strategy of investment, selection and active guidance to help our portfolio build sustainable businesses.   As investors, we recognize that most investments are likely to be acquired by strategic partners, and therefore believe it is critical to start planning for an eventual outcome early on in the company’s lifecycle.